BALMUDA x boven cafe’


BALMUDA 與 boven cafe’聯名的特展。BALMUDA如一本書,解構於空間之中。隨處角落都是BALMUDA的故事。

企劃∣ Elite PR Group

設計∣ 25degreestudio
年份∣ 2019
照片∣ Elite PR Group
類別∣ 視覺設計 / 活動空間設計

BALMUDA x boven cafe’

A joint exhibition by BALMUDA and boven cafe’. BALMUDA is essentially a book that is deconstructed in space. Wherever you look, you will find a part to BALMUDA’s history. BALMUDA’s founder Gen Terao said, “Use your own hands to create the best utensils. Daily utensils exist for the sake of human experiences.”

Exhibits “My Dining Table” and “My Study” are naturally placed in the venue so attendees can experience the product while reading the brand.

Planning| Elite PR Group
Design by∣ 25degreestudio
Year∣ 2019
Photograph| Elite PR Group
Category∣ visual design, event space design