Beasty Coffee x MOT cafe’

「雖然粗暴卻又膽小的野獸所沖泡的,蘊藏著溫柔,不可思議,令人回味無窮的咖啡」BeastyCoffee by amadana。提供專業咖啡師等級所使用的沖泡器具和產地直送的咖啡豆。在台北明日咖啡舉行期間限定快閃店。水泥質感檯面放置實驗感陳列,表述溫柔的小野獸精心準備值得收藏的生活片刻。

品牌∣ Beasty Coffee x amadana
企劃∣ Elite PR Group
設計∣ 25degreestudio
照片∣ 明日咖啡
攝影∣ 余松翰
年份∣ 2019
類別∣ 視覺設計 / 活動空間設計

Beasty Coffee x MOT cafe’

“Brewed by the rough yet timid little beast, the coffee has an incredible hidden tenderness that keep you longing for more.”

BeastyCoffee by amadana provides brewing equipment used by professional-level baristas and coffee beans delivered directly from their places of origin. A limited pop-up shop will run at the Taipei Tomorrow Cafe. The cement-textured countertop is placed on an experimental display, expressing the moments of life worthy or remembrance prepared by the gentle little beast.

Brand∣ Beasty Coffee x amadana
Planning| Elite PR Group
Design by∣ 25degreestudio
Photograph| MOT Cafe
Photography| Sung-has You
Year∣ 2019
Category∣ visual design, event space design