「Hang TV - 越南夯台灣」是由來自台灣的John,跟來自越南的Hang(阮秋姮)夫妻倆一同經營的youtube頻道。
標誌概念來自傳統「TV channel」。人物圖像與文字為基礎,直接呈現主持人親切鮮明映像。鵝黃色與青藍色象徵女主人秋姮的溫柔和男主人John的樸質。

品牌∣ Hang TV
設計∣ 25degreestudio
年份∣ 2018
類別∣ 視覺設計 名片設計

紙材∣ 啤酒紙
加工∣ 凸版印刷

Hang TV

Hang TV is a YouTube channel owned by a married, cross cultural couple—John from Taiwan and Hang from Vietnam. The concept of the logo is inspired by the traditional “TV channel”. The character images and text are the basis, directly presenting the host’s cordial and vivid images. Goose yellow and blue symbolize the gentleness of Hang and the down-to-earth quality of John.

Brand∣ Hang TV
Design by∣ 25degreestudio
Year∣ 2018
Category∣ visual design / name card design
Material∣ Bier Papier
Processing∣ Relief printing