Keds x VOGUE 野餐日


品牌∣ Keds
設計∣ 25degreestudio
年份∣ 2021
類別∣ 陳列設計 / 活動空間設計

Keds x VOGUE Picnic

The Year of the Ox is approaching, what do you think of when you mention the Ox? Niu'er and the ancestors of Taiwan cultivated and developed from south to north and west to east. In the relief poster, the shepherd boy riding a bull represents the "image of Taiwan." Taking advantage of the Year of the Ox, we selected two types of rice from the paddy fields in eastern Taiwan and painted a paddy field to commemorate our respect and gratitude to the cow. | An ox cart harvests | The water buffalo and the ancestors of Taiwan developed rice culture together, so in traditional customs, many people do not eat beef. Thank you Buffalo for letting Taiwanese enjoy abundance and abundance. *White rice is selected from Tai Geng No. 4 Fragrant Rice, Yuli Township, Hualien County | A cattle shed healthy | The cattle are heat-resistant and drought-tolerant, and are a symbol of physical fitness. Although the cattle are slow, the attitude of going forward is respected by farmers. Thank you Huang Niu, a good friend who accompanies the Taiwanese to work hard. *Brown rice is selected from the Dewu Lingya tribe in Hualien

Brand∣ Keds
Design∣ 25degreestudio
Project Manager∣ 25degreestudio
Year∣ 2021
Type∣ Project25