Kose 雪肌精護膚道具



品牌∣ Kose
企劃∣ 麥肯廣告
設計∣ 25degreestudio
年份∣ 2019
類別∣ 視覺設計 / 活動空間設計 / 組合式道具設計

Kose Sekkisei skin care tools

The Sekkisei brand emphasizes ultimate transparency and elasticity.

The semi-permeable bottle supports the cloth curtain, and the silk-like translucent cloth stretches out to the entire venue. The silky fabric surface is combined with the sphere, pulling into a compact and smooth natural surface. The warm light and shadow resemble the essence of the earth, showing the brand's spirit of "Ya" originated from Japan. This time, the props are can be taken apart and reassembled, and a one-season tour of skin care activities will be carried out across the country.

Brand∣ Kose
Planning| McCann Erickson
Design by∣ 25degreestudio
Year∣ 2019
Category∣ visual design, event space design, collapsible prop design