Synology家庭日 ft. SKYLINE FILM


品牌∣ Synology ft. SKYLINE FILM
設計∣ 25degreestudio
年份∣ 2020
類別∣ 視覺設計  插畫  活動空間設計

Synology Family Day ft. SKYLINE FILM

On a starry autumn night on a camping ground, people are picnicking and singing. Using hand-drawn texture, the image creates the visual effects of a light and easy lifestyle. For the colors, the serenity of the blue signifies nighttime, sitting as the backdrop of the land kissed and colored by autumn. To top it off, the yellowish-orange moon injects endless energy into the picture.

Brand∣ Synology ft. SKYLINE FILM
Design by∣ 25degreestudio
Year∣ 2020
Category∣ visual design, illustration, event space design