kula 窟仔


品牌∣ Kula窟仔咖啡
設計∣ 25degreestudio
空間∣ 本事空間製作所
軟裝∣ 伏流物件
年份∣ 2020
類別∣ 品牌設計,視覺設計

Kula Coffee

Kula symbolizes the dents and holes in a person’s life.
This dimly-lit cafe is located in a small alley in Tainan.

A group of mud people slouches in Kula, staying in their comfort zones in all kinds of positions, lazily passing the days.

Whoever said the you have to get back up when you fall? Let’s fall into the hole and waste our lives away!

Brand∣ Kula Coffee
Design by∣ 25degreestudio
Space| skillabilitydept
Interior|Home Decor
Year∣ 2020
Category∣ brand design, visual design